Typical Lease

  • +1-8X0-666-8X88

Term / Duration

  • One year
  • Auto-renews on month-to-month basis after first year
  • A 60-day written notice to terminate is required to prevent auto-renewing
  • Notice to Vacate

Payment Due

  • Rent is due on 1st of the month
  • Rent can be paid online
  • A fee of 2.99% will be applied to all rents paid via credit card

Late Payment / Fees

  • Late fee is applied after the 5th of the month. Late fee amounts may vary.

Renters Insurance:

  • Policy providing at least $10,000 in property insurance and $300,000 liability insurance required
  • Certain leases require additional coverage

Security Deposits

  • Returned within 30 days after move-out
  • Repair costs and unpaid rent will be deducted from the security deposit
  • A written itemized list will be provided detailing costs for any repairs
  • Protect your deposit! Submit our Move-In Condition Report 


  • Included utilities vary from property to property. In some cases, tenants are responsible for all utilities
  • Electric service and UGI services must be transferred into tenant’s name


  • Some of our properties allow 1 pet under 25 pounds at maturity
  • Check our property listings to see which properties allow a pet
  • If a pet is permitted, there will be an additional monthly pet rent and pet deposit (refundable, pending any damages)
  • Owners reserve the right to decline any animal

Landlord Entry:

  • Landlord may enter the property at reasonable hours to inspect, repair, or show the property
  • 24-hour prior notice is given before entry
  • Notice is not required in an emergency, but we do our best to inform tenants ASAP


  • Key may be retrieved at our office during regular business hours - no charge
  • A service fee will be charged for keys delivered to the tenant during business hours
  • Keys must be returned within 24 hours
  • After hours lockouts require tenant to hire qualified locksmith
  • Tenant is responsible for cost of locksmith plus cost of any damage incurred during re-entry
  • Proof of identification is required prior to key being released


  • Tenant must have carpets cleaned by a professional company upon vacating the property
  • A paid receipt must be submitted to manager along with property keys upon move-out
  • Without proof of carpet cleaning, the cost to do so will be deducted from the security deposit

If you don't understand a clause or term included in your individual rental agreement, please call us at 717-859-2010. We will be happy to explain any questions you have before you sign. We want you to be comfortable in our mutual agreement and ultimately, happy in your new home!